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Enable Aging Taiwan for a Better Future

The whole world is aging fast, and Taiwan is at the forefront of it.

In less than ten years, or in 2025 to be exact, Taiwan will officially become the "Super-Aged" Society, which means one out of every five people will be 65 years or older.

It only takes Taiwan 33 years from an Aging Society (7% of population are 65 or older) to a Super-Aged Society, one of the fastest in the world. This could be a crisis but also an opportunity.

At Silver Linings Global (SLG), we believe that the rapid aging society presents as a great opportunity for Taiwan to engage with the rest of the world through its experience and learning from the journey. SLG would play a key role in the process, act as a bridge to bring the latest innovation and best practices in the aging and healthcare industries around the world to Taiwan and share with government leaders, industry pioneers, professional workers and individual practitioners through various forms of activities including Aging Innovation conference and workshop, SLG Meet-ups, case study, and special reports. Together, we help define and develop strategies and constructive plans to better prepare Taiwan for the silver future and build the golden silver era.

Our Mission

Building Global Partnership

First time in history that we have so many “old people.” Different culture and society reacts differently when facing the aging phenomenon. Many models have been developed and tested, but more possibilities are to be discovered and created. The rapidly aging Taiwan can contribute to the world by sharing its learning in the journey.

Here at Silver Linings Global (SLG), we take this as our responsibility to bridge Taiwan and the world in this learning journey. Our mission is to accelerate knowledge transfer and partnership between influential organizations and individuals domestically and internationally through events, programs and initiatives.

Sharing Best Practices

Heard of Buurtzorg? Why this nurse-led community care system from Holland, started in 2007, has grown from a team of four to 8,000 nurses and keep growing? What are big names like IBM, Apple, Tesla, Google and IDEO working on that will change our future when we get older?

Here at Silver Linings Global (SLG), we believe that by working together to address common needs and sharing best practices from around the world, we can join our efforts and knowledge together and accelerate the innovation in the aging and care industry. We want to change our outlook about aging and build a future where everyone could age with peace-of-mind, health and dignity.

Promoting Aging Innovation

So many people live till their 80s, 90s or even 100s, yet we know so little about life after 80s. In the meantime, new technologies have been advancing rapidly and also become much more affordable and accessible to everybody.

Here at Silver Linings Global (SLG), we believe these two trends will converge and become the NEW frontier. We are a strong advocate for Aging Innovation. Through our year-round events including Aging Innovation Week composed with international forum and workshops, SLG meet-ups and learning tours, we introduce the latest innovation about aging to Taiwan's audience and bring Taiwan's newest ideas to the world.

We Proudly Present

First Asia Pacific Summit on Oct. 12 at
2017 Aging Innovation Week

October 11-14, 2017. Taipei, Taiwan

The 4rd Aging Innovation Week will be held under the theme: “Fun Long Life”. We add a strong line-up this year by organizing the first Asia Pacific Summit focusing on aging innovation with the support from Aging 2.0, who wil present its 8 Grand Challenge and provide an overview on the aging innovation landscapge in Asia Pacific Region. We will also invite key industry leaders and startups to showcase and discuss on the topics of Engagement/Purpose and Livable Communities, which we believe are two main issues need to be addressed urgently in the region. Speakers invited include experts from United States, Japan, Netherlands, Australia, Singapore, China, Hong Kong and Taiwan.

Design Challenge Asia: Accepting Application

Send in Your Design by Oct. 06, 2017

Stanford Center on Longevity started the Design Challenge in 2013 and has been well received by students around the world. Silver Linings Global (SLG) is proud to be the official host and bring this inspirational competition to Asia. We had a very good start in 2015 when four teams from Taiwan made it to the Design Challenge Finals. “Promoting Lifelong Healthy Habits Through Design” is the theme for 2017-2018.
We invite student designers to optimize all aspects of building lifelong healthy habits whether it is about healthy living, social engagement or financial security. Awards include scholarships to visit Silicon Valley and paricipate at the Center’s Design Challenge Finals in April 2018. The Asian finalists go into the global pool and compete against products and ideas from all over the world. They would meet and learn from renowed industry, academic, and government leaders through workshops and gain the latest knowledge and trends of aging innovation from global perspectives.

"Bulau" Active Aging Program

Welcome Participants around the Globe

Bulau (pronouced as [bu(4)lau(3)]) means "never get old" in Chinese. Hondao Senior Citizen's Welfare Foundation is the one who invented this term when they first launched the round-the-island, 13-day "Go Grandriders" ride in 2007 with the slogan "Dreams Never Get Old." Since then, more and more organizations have been participating in creating active aging programs that encourage the elderly to pursue their dreams and lead a more socially active lifestyle.

"Having a dream is the most effective preventive measure." These programs are gaining traction in Taiwan and changing the life course of many elderly. They are now opening up to overseas participants through SLG. If you are interested in riding scooters or bicycling with the Grandriders, playing baseball alongside of the seniors at the Grand Baseball league, kayaking along the coastline outside Hualien at the Grand Sailor camp, or you are an organization looking for partnership to promote active aging, please contact us.

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