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The Inaugural Asia Pacific Summit @ Fourth Aging Innovation Week

Marching into its fourth year, Silver Linings Global's Aging Innovation Week is growing strong. We are proud to announce that we will add a strong and special line-up to this year's program -- the Asia Pacific Summit on October 12 supported by Aging 2.0. The Summit will be an integral part of this year’s Aging Innovation Week taking place from October 11-14. On October 11, the day before the summit, we will host a networking event (By Invitation Only) for promising startups and industry leaders from around the region. More info to be part of the events.

The 2017 Asia Pacific Summit and the Aging Innovation Week will take place in Taipei, Taiwan, a hub for innovation and a culturally diverse city in the heart of Asia. Organized and supported by Aging 2.0 and Hondao Senior Citizen’s Welfare Foundation, the Summit will highlight:

  • Asia Pacific Aging Innovation Landscape presented by Aging 2.0 Co-founder Stephen Johnston and other key leaders from Singapore, Australia, Hong Kong and Taiwan.
  • Successful Aging-in-Place Model: Apartment for Life keynoted by former chairman of Humanitas Foundation, CEO of Residence Roosenburch, Dr. Hans Becker.
  • Engagement and Purpose: How to Turn Boomers Generation Become Economic Driver.
  • Panel discussions on perspectives in regard aging innovation landscape in Asia Pacific region, livable communities, and engagement/purpose.
  • Startups Pitches and showcases: Startups from the region will be invited to do a 2-minute pitch at the summit. Winners will have the opportunity to attend Aging 2.0’s OPTIMIZE event in November for free. (USD $799 per ticket)
  • Rich networking opportunities

The Summit is designed to educate, connect and inspire innovators in aging and senior care from across the Asia Pacific region. Entrepreneurs, providers, executives, investors and seniors themselves will benefit from rich networking, presentations on key trends and the new Aging 2.0 Grand Challenges as well as focus a spotlight on some of the most interesting new tech companies.

Why attend?

  • Build critical relationships within Silver Linings Global and Aging 2.0’s global community to support your growth and collaboration in the year ahead

  • Network with the decision makers and investors that can help you grow your business

  • Hear from thought leaders about important trends both inside and adjacent to senior care that will transform the aging experience

  • Interact with innovators and products from around the region

10/12 Asia Pacific Summit Agenda

Time Event Speaker
8:30-9:00 Registration  
9:00-9:25 Welcome Session Ms. Hsin-ling Tsai
CEO | Silver Linings Global
9:25-10:15 Keynote: Livable Communities
Dr. Hans Becker
CEO | Residence Roosenburch
10:15-10:35 Break  
10:35-11:25 Panel Discussion | Livable Communities
11:25-11:45 Aging 2.0 Grand Challenges Overview Mr. Stephen Johnston
Co-Founder & CEO | Aging 2.0
11:45-12:00 Startup Showcase  
12:00-13:15 Lunch & Networking  
13:15-13:30 Startup Showcase  
13:30-14:20 Fireside Chat: AP Regional Aging Innovation Landscape Mr. Stephen Johnston
Co-Founder & CEO | Aging 2.0
14:20-14:40 Break  
14:40-15:30 Keynote: Engagement/Purpose
Prof. Hiroyuki Murata
President | Murata Associates
15:30-16:20 Panel Discussion | Engagement/Purpose
16:20-16:40 Special Performance  
16:40-17:00 Closing Session  

About Aging Innovation Week

Since its establishment in 2014, Silver Linings Global (SLG), a social enterprise, has been aiming to accelerate the development of innovative solutions for older adults. To achieve this goal, one of our efforts is to organize the annual event – Aging Innovation Week (AIW) as a regional platform to share best practices and facilitate dialogues and exchanges among key stakeholders in the aging sector. Over the past three years, we have invited more than 20 experts from countries such as United States, United Kingdom, Netherlands, Denmark, Israel, Japan, Australia, Hong Kong and Taiwan to share their perspectives and experiences with more than 2000 attendees at forums and workshops.

Through collaborating with other countries, introducing best practices, and interacting and learning from each other, we believe that we will find ways to positively address the opportunities as well as finding solutions for the challenges raised from the rapidly aging society in Taiwan and the world.

Each year, we introduced different themes for the Aging Innovation Week:

  • 2014: Aging Innovation, the Global Trends and Taiwan’s Needs
  • 2015: Evolutionary Aging: High Tech with High Touch
  • 2016: Design Our Third Act

2017 Theme: Fun Long Life

According to IMF 2016 report: overall for Asia, the demographic dividend, where a young, growing work force (aged 15-64) helped drive the region’s rapid growth in recent decades, is coming to an end. Fertility rates are declining and people are living longer. Now many countries, particularly in East Asia, will be the fastest-aging societies in the world in the next few decades. The region’s population growth, which is already negative in Japan, is slowing and projected to fall to zero by 2050. More than a third of the population in Singapore and South Korea are at least 50 years old; in Japan that share is close to half the population.

Does rapid growing aging populaton only bring negative impact? Or are there business and economic opportunities that we can tap into?

While human life expectancies have added 30 years over the past 100 years, longevity is no longer a curse but more of a blessing. The longevity economy can be realized through various investment that can be made at the individual, organizational, and governmental level. For example, the individual can adopt healthy behaviors and ensure they are financially secure and socially engaged while the government work closely with care organizations to invest in talent recruitment and retention for a strong support system. By investing in longevity, we can have “Fun Long Life” as we get older.

2017 Aging Innovation Week at a Glance

Date Event Description Place Registration
10/11 (Wednesday) Networking Event Informal networking event for startups, industry leaders, corporate executives, government representatives, service providers and front line practioner from the region to exchange ideas and share vision.TBD By Invitation Only
10/12 (Thursday) Asia Pacific Summit

Hear the latest trends and innovation in the global aging space from Aging 2.0 and regional experts. Meet the experts from the regions to present and lead the discussions on innovative ideas and service/business models focusing on the topics of "liverable communities" and "engagement/purpose," which will help us to take advantage of longevity economy and have a "Fun Lon Life". Syntrend Creative Park 12F
Symposium Building an effective support system is crucial in supporting fun long life. The symposium will focus on issues including dementia friendly care model, talent recruitment and retention. Chang Yung-Fa Foundation 10F Stay tuned for more information
10/14 (Saturday) Round Table Discussion Regional and international experts will sit down with key stake holders in Taiwan including government officials, corporate and NPO executives to conduct in-depth discussion on how to build a more effetive prevention and care delivery systems. Chang Yung-Fa Foundation 10F By Invitation Only
10/14 (Saturday) Workshops I & II Led by two expert intrustructors from Japan and United States, the workshop attendees will gain in-depth knowledge of Kaigo Cafe and Alzheimer Association's innovative models and apply the know-how to build the suitable models for Tawian Chang Yung-Fa Foundation 10F Stay tuned for more information

Organizer: Silver Linings Global

co-organizer: Hondao Senior Citizen's Welfare Foundation

Global Supporter: Aging 2.0

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