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How it All Started

From “Go Grandriders” to “Dreams Never Get Old”

In 2007, then CEO of Hondao Senior Citizen's Welfare Foundation Yiying Lin took 17 seniors averaged 81 years old on a 13-day, round-the-island motorcycle tour. The intent was simple: to show people that seniors can still do what young people do, just on a slower pace and with more precaution. Their stories were made into a popular documentary “Go Grandriders” and released in theaters in 2012. When the movie was premiered in the United States in 2013, ten of the original Grandriders came to California and embarked on the US version of “Go Grandriders” tour from San Francisco to Los Angeles. Till today, the film has been shown in more than 50 countries around the world, touching hundreds of thousands of people’s hearts. The positive and in-depth media coverage generated from the process put Taiwan on the map as a country that is friendly to seniors and advanced in the concept of active ageing.

With the movie's global reach and continuous showing, the spirit and the interest of ageing population attract attention across language and cultural boundaries. Lin and the original “Grandriders” received recognitions around the world. “Grandriders” are no longer just a group of senior riders, but the symbol of leading a fulfilled life.

Never Get Old

Dreams Never Get Old Series

Join the Forever Young Movement

Riding on the coattail of “Go Grandriders,” Hondao Foundation launched a series of “Dream Never Get Old” programs include Grandriders, Grand Baseball League, Grand Soldiers, Bikini in the Sun and Seniors on Broadway Show. These programs drew the “Forever Young Revolution” in Taiwan and impact millions of people. The programs have helped seniors to grow their self-esteem and actively participate in social, cultural, and civic affairs. As a form of prevention care, the series also created great benefits for the overall society by lowering the costs of the elderly care.

The Foundation's efforts not only increased seniors’ social status. More importantly, it creates an environment to attract the general public, especially the younger generation, to seek career opportunities in the ageing and care industries.

YiYing and Hondao YiYing and Hongdao

Hondao Seniors Citizen’s Welfare Foundation

With the current ageing rate, Taiwan’s elder population will reach 20% in 2025. It only take Taiwan around 32 years for the percentage of Taiwan’s elderly population to rise from 7% to 20%. The speed of ageing in Taiwan even surpasses Japan and breaks a world record.

The alarming growth of the Taiwan’s elderly population became great concerns of the founding members of Hondao Foundation. They realized that we could not afford to wait any longer to deal with the immense shift in population structure and the challenges it causes. So in March 31, 1995, Hondao Senior Citizen’s Welfare Foundation, a non-profit organization headquartered in Taichung Taiwan, was established to address their concerns.

Ms. Yiying Lin took the realm on 2003 to become the second CEO at the age of 31. During her 13 years tenure and under her leadership, the foundation has gained much recognition. Today it has 495 full-time staff including 300 caregivers, more than 2000 volunteers providing over 20 kinds of services to more than 4000 seniors on a regular basis in Taiwan. From basic services such as providing food, clothing and caring to seniors who live alone, to conducting active aging programs such as folk dancing and talent show competitions, Hondao Foundation make every effort to create fulfilled and positive aging experiences.

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Silver Linings Global Team

Silver Linings Global

Silver Linings Global (SLG), a social enterprise inspired by Hondao Foundation‘s effort to promote active aging and aging-in-place, was established to address the opportunities emerging from the global rapidly aging trend. We aim at developing a platform and tools to facilitate knowledge transfer and engage industry leaders in creating quality services and products for the elderly.

At Silver Linings Global, we believe Hondao Foundation’s success in mobilizing seniors to lead active and fulfilled lives would greatly benefit global audience. By building a strong partnership with Hondao Foundation, we proactively promote and share its Bulau (Dreams Never Get Old) programs with the global community through specialized experiential travel packages, global conferences and events.

Silver Linings Global also provides strategic consulting on development of international cooperation, knowledge management, global marketing, and event management in the aging and healthcare industries. We assist Taiwan businesses, non-profit organizations and government officials to build global connections and exposure through various channels and vice versa.

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